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Currency News

US Dollar Consolidates as Japanese Yen May Be Risk Off Barometer Today

03 May 2018 11:18Moneyshow.com
The USD bounce back died on global stories Wednesday. The Japanese yen (JPY) may be the right risk off barometer for today given the fears about Asia trade and the rising oil price story. more

Japanese Yen Improves, Shrugs Off Sharp US Numbers

03 May 2018 09:26Investing.com
The Japanese yen has posted gains in the Thursday session, after little movement on Wednesday. In North American trade, USD/JPY is trading at 109.37, down 0.42% on the day. more

Japanese Yen Trading Higher In The Asian Session

03 May 2018 00:15Action Forex
The pair is expected to find support at 109.47, and a fall through could take it to the next support level of 109.29. The pair is expected to find its first resistance at 109.94, and a rise through could take it to the next resistance level of 110.23 ... more

The British pound rallies against the Japanese yen after initial fall this week

06 Apr 2018 23:52FX Empire
... a significant target and could lead to a nice little move. If we break above there, then the market is free to go to the 160 handle. more

Buying the yen to protect against a trade war is 'pretty peculiar,' wealth ...

26 Mar 2018 03:55CNBC
Choosing to buy the Japanese yen as protection against a potential trade war is "pretty peculiar," one wealth manager told CNBC Monday. more

Why a stronger yen has room to appreciate further

15 Mar 2018 07:56Financial Times
The Japanese yen has already appreciated 6 per cent versus the US dollar in 2018 and some think this trade has a lot more room to run. more

Here's what a scandal in Japan could mean for the yen

14 Mar 2018 13:22MarketWatch
Allegations surrounding Japan's first lady and a land sale are raising questions about the future of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, raising questions about the path of the yen. According to news reports, school-operator Maritomo Gakuen, which has ties to ... more

Opinion: Stock investors, listen to what the Japanese yen is telling you

08 Mar 2018 04:07MarketWatch
Trading a couple of standard deviations away from key short-term moving averages typically is a sign that the rubber band has been stretched in an unsustainable fashion in key benchmark indexes. more
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